BISS uses two flexographic presses
with a central cylinder: UTECO ONYX 876 GL and KBA/FLEXOTECNICA EVO XD. The presses are equipped with a BST/ELTROMAT 100% printing control system. This allows us to provide simultaneous printing quality control during production and identify potential errors. The KBA press is equipped with an AIF auto impression system as well as carbon-fibre print and format rollers, which increases the quality of the print-outs.

Our machine workshop enables us to print 450 m/minute.


Our lamination processes are based on the Nordmecanica SIMPLEX SL laminator. We provide solventless duplex and triplex lamination. Our experienced technicians will help you select the appropriate barrier, optical and sealing properties of the laminate, depending on product features. In order to ensure high product standards, we only use materials of the best quality.


Cutting is performed on a Jurmet brand rewinder. The device is equipped with digital controls and a laser-guided blade setting system. We can also provide Inkjet printing on the final product. This solution allows us to print individual promotional codes and personalise the printing on the final product.


In 2017, the company installed a Swesa Ink Maker mixer system. The new investment allows us to automatize the ink preparation process, which translates into accurate colour production during printing. We prepare the ink formulas with the use of the X-RITE Ink Formulation software and mock-up prints are produced on the SAUERESSIG Proofer device.


Our products speak volumes about us and our company, and that is why we only provide tested and compliant packaging. Our multistage quality control process guarantees the highest quality products, which have been tested for compliance with the specifications, tightness parameters and lack of defects.

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