Soma S-Mount sticker maker
11 February 2021
FORMECO DQ 250 distiller
21 May 2021

Soma Optima II

We are happy to announce that the BISS Printing House installed a new generation SOMA OPTIMA flexographic printing machine at the beginning of 2021. The new machine has a width of 880 mm and a min. report of 260 mm. The printer was equipped with a modern 100% print control system BST Eltromat in 4K resolution.

The ARUN system of the latest generation supervises the precision of fitting and clamps. This innovative system enables setting up the print without waste. In terms of printing sections, carbon rollers have been chosen to reduce the machine runout Optima also has an automatic Inkstrom washing system, ultrasonic viscosometers and thermal stabilization of paints. The machine is monitored by the S-cloud system that enables managing the machine from anywhere in the world. It also ensures quick intervention of the servicing department.

The Soma Optima printer is the next step of the BISS company towards automation of production, improvement of quality and expansion of the product offer.