Packaging for sanitary pads
2 January 2018
Packaging for garden soil
2 January 2018

Packaging for sanitary padsPackaging for animal feed

The best feed for your pet is a unique composition of essential nutrients and vitamins which allow your favourite to enjoy health and perfect condition. In order to preserve all values of the feed, we recommend to use our packaging in the nature of film tape with flexographic imprint. Thanks to the application of appropriate materials we are able to additionally reinforce the structure of the packaging – it allows to increase the weight of the target product. The good packaging should also prevent the loss of moisture and aroma of a packed product. Its objective is therefore to protect the animal feed against external factors, so as not to allow them to contaminate the product, as cats and dogs are highly sensitive to any alterations in the product smell. Thanks to the high quality of packaging we produce and a rich range of designs, we are able to additionally emphasise the values of the packed products.