FORMECO DQ 250 distiller
21 May 2021
The X-Rite eXact spectrophotometers
4 September 2021

The SMED-LUQAM training

BISS makes every effort to continuously improve its processes, meet customer requirements and deliver its products on time. We are pleased to announce that together with LUQAM we have completed the standardization of changeover of our machines using one of the SMED operational management systems. The implementation of the SMED tool (Single Minute Exchange of Die), i.e. quick changeover in BISS, helped us to standardize the changeover time of our machines and thus improve the production capacity. Correct standardization of changeovers determines the flexibility of the production system. The shorter the changeover time, the less losses due to the waiting time for the machines to be set up, and therefore even smaller batches of products can be produced profitably and on time.